#1. Vegetable Soup Diet

Vegetable soups are very tasty and low-calorie, and therefore are ideal for weight loss. You should eat them at least 3 times a day. And the paradox here is that the more you eat soup, the faster you lose weight. In this case, you will forget what it means to be hungry.

In addition to soup, it is allowed to consume fresh fruit (bananas and grapes are the exception), low-fat dairy products, cottage cheese, boiled beef. But it is worth noting that all these products should be only 10% of the daily diet menu. The remaining 90% should consist only of vegetable soup.

#2. Protein-Vegetable Diet

This diet completely excludes from the menu foods, such as cereals, confectionery, potatoes, all products containing flour in their composition, sugar and salt. But at the same time you eat what you want and when you want, but your basic diet should consist of: fresh veggies, low-fat meat and fish, seasonal fresh fruit, milk and dairy products with low fat content, walnuts, seeds, fresh mushrooms.

Eating only these foods, you deliberately reduce the daily calorie content of your diet, but its volumes remain the same. This is probably the most important and for some the decisive “plus” of this diet. Moreover, you can stick to this diet as much as you like, because the body in this case gets everything necessary for normal functioning.

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