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What is it possible to do to prevent the hair from becoming static? If we turn to the school course of physics, then we can recall that equal charges repel each other, and opposite charges, on the contrary, are attracted. This property explains many phenomena in our life, including static hair, which can damage your hairstyle and turn your head into a kind of dandelion.

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The fact is that static hair, taking a positive charge, begin to repel each other. Most often dry damaged hair can become static. The most common reasons for this are: staining and perm; cold weather, wind; artificial heating in winter, which makes the air very dry; use of a hair dryer; dehydration of body tissues; lack of vitamins.

Dry hair has an impaired structure, the microscopic scales of each hair move away from the hair shaft. In healthy hair, they are tightly pressed against each other and the hair does not take on a large value of the positive charge. Let’s look at 12 simple ways to avoid frizzy, static hair:

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