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2: Postpartum back pain

Another possible cause is the common postpartum back pain, which usually occurs after giving birth. Some women experience pain just after their babies have been born. This can also be caused by the sudden weight gain that happens after giving birth. This condition will subside after a few weeks and goes away on its own.

3.Traumatic injuries

Traumatic injury, such as accidents, strokes, and serious diseases such as cancer, can also be the causes of lower back pain in women. The pain may last for a few months and then will slowly subside. However, it can come back after surgery or any other medical treatment. Any injury to the soft tissues can cause pain.

4.Legs and feet problems

Itching, burning sensations, and numbness in the legs, feet, or lower extremities are also causes of this condition. Usually, the pain will start in these areas and will be distributed to other parts of the body after some time. You might notice an increase in the pain if you stand or sit for long periods of time.

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