Mental health, described by the World Health Organization as the ability to cope with life’s challenges, has many definitions. For some, it is merely happy. For others, it is reaching one’s goals. Still, for some, it means a more balanced view of things, the ability to make changes that benefit you and your family now and in the future, the ability to make the most of what life has to offer, and the ability to work productively with others.

Some of the current definitions for mental health care through a combination of the categories described above and self-observation, behavior therapy, counseling, and biofeedback. One of the most recent additions to the mental health field is the Stages of Effective Living (SLE), which examines the physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral components of well-being. The stages are designed to assist individuals, couples, families, and groups in identifying and implementing wellness behaviors as they strive towards achieving optimum mental, physical, and emotional health. This framework is conducive to individuals struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle but has difficulties implementing it due to resistance from their habits and behaviors.

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